Back in 2004 I was approached by Paul Guest (a.k.a. Monkey) with a request to produce some fresh LSD blotter designs. Having fallen foul of the authorities for previously designing and printing blotter, I was initially wary of the idea.

However, in the intermediate years, it transpired and unbeknown to me, that blotter art and what is referred to as vanity blotter

art had flourished as a highly collectable art form.

I provided Paul with a couple of designs the first of which was the ‘Blue Buddha.’ Traditionally, I had always used silkscreen or lithography as my media of choice for printing but most of my design work was now being produced on the computer.

The world of printing technology had moved on with the advent
of the ink jet. Even this had developed rapidly with the introduction In 1991 of Giclee printing giving a much smoother color gradient and using 12 colors simultaneously.

The final printing used by Paul was standard lithography and although adequate didn’t due justice to the image.So 20 years Later here is the artwork as I had wished it to be presented.

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